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audio signal to table (or list) of 200 elements each 50 ms. HOW TO DO?!!??

Jan 26 2011 | 3:10 pm

Hi all,
a newbie in MaxMsp, PureData until now….

This is my problem, that was resolved easily in PureData, but no way to find how to do that in MaxMsp….
so, i have an audio signal and i want to write it to a table or a list (better) of NN elements each XX seconds….
very easy in PD:

|~ audio inlet
[metro 50]
[tabwrite~ waveform]

and define the table: [table waveform 200] ….

by the way, i want to use that to send audio signal snapshots via OSC to Processing to draw the audio…. (i have it done with PD and Proc.)…

thank you so much, and excuse my newbism… but could not find the answer anywhere…..

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