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Audio streaming from web without third party app

May 21 2009 | 10:04 pm


I apologise in advance if this post crosses into other forum boundaries, as it may involve reference to Java and Jitter.

So what I’m trying to achieve: I want to run two or three web streams into Max simultaneously to mix in with a piece I’m writing. The piece is going to be distributed as a standalone Max app and I want a user to be able to download the piece, open it, press play and it works.

Straight away, using Soundflower or Jack to connect up to a third party streaming app is off the table: it would incur too much setting up at the client end.

Having looked around I have found Olaf Matthes’s oggamp~ and shoutcast~: I haven’t made oggamp~ work and that it may need to be paid for puts it out of the equation; shoutcast~ only sends streams (its receiving twin shoutamp~ appears to be unavailable).

First of all is there an object (Max or Jitter) or Java class that can do something close to what I am after? And second, if not which path would anyone recommend for me to achieve this goal?


Adam Jansch

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