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Australasian Computer Music Conference – 11 – 13 July 2006

Apr 11 2006 | 4:05 pm

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+ Registration / Submission / Payment available online via the ACMC

Medi(t)ations: computers, music and intermedia
Australasian Computer Music Conference
11 – 13 July 2006
Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide
Adelaide, Australia



Mitchell Whitelaw
Mitchell Whitelaw is an academic, writer and artist with interests in
new media art and culture, especially complex generative systems and
digital sound and music. His work has appeared in journals including
Leonardo, Digital Creativity and Contemporary Music Review. In 2004
his work on a-life art was published in the book Metacreation: Art
and Artificial Life (MIT Press, 2004). His current work spans
generative art and sonic and visual data-aesthetics. He is currently
a Senior Lecturer in the School of Creative Communication at the
University of Canberra.

Fredrik Olofsson + Nick Collins (klipp av)
klipp av are an audiovisual duo who confront the problems of
insufficient improvisation and live relevance to the location in
laptop performance. The audio is interactive and generative, adjusted
on the fly by the medium of live coding. The video/generative
graphics machine is passed state information on the generative
algorithms employed in the audio (rather than tracking the bare audio
out). Audio and visual material is extracted from the performance
environment to engage with the space. Automated analysis routines
assist the fast cataloguing of events as audiovisual composites. An
essential facet of the improvisation is the dialogue with event
generating algorithms and the mappings themselves. Performance
follows a continuum from correlation to contest between audio and
visual modalities.

More information on the keynote speakers can be found here –

Conference overview
"..the media have broken down in their traditional forms, and have
become merely puristic points of reference. The idea has arisen, as
if by spontaneous combustion throughout the entire world, that these
points are arbitrary and only useful as critical tools, in saying
that such-and-such a work is basically musical, but also poetry. This
is the intermedial approach, to emphasize the dialectic between the
~ Dick Higgins (August 3, 1966)

This conference seeks to highlight new areas of aesthetics and
interrelations in computer music. These may include:
– Connections between computer music and other media, such as film,
dance, theatre, new media, and the specific role of technology in
that relationship.
– Interface and control systems ? controlling and manipulating sound
through haptic, gestural and other mediums.
– Media as aesthetic agent – generational mechanisms, modelling
agents, sound source, meta-composition, sonification.
– Computer Music and medium-less states ? psycho-acoustics and
auditory illusions.
– Connections between computer music and intermedia practice in
other areas such as education, research, software / hardware
development and distribution.
– Computer music as physical, tactile interactive media.

Call for submissions
ACMC06 is now calling for submissions in the following categories:
– Musical works
– Papers
– Posters
– Artist talks
– Studio reports
– Workshops

Due date for all submissions:
– 18 April 2006

More information on submission requirements and formats can be found
at the website
– Full conference program will be available early May 2006
– Please check the conference website for updates
General Enquiries
For general enquiries:

Other contact information can be found here:

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