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Basic Visualisation Patch wanted

Apr 11 2006 | 5:16 pm

Hello, i’ve done a quick search, but i don’t know eaxctly what you would call, what i am looking for.

I’m looking for an audio visualisation patch, using either the new jsui/opengl in 4.5, or an external, or an adaptation of a more ‘normal’ max/msp object (not jitter).

Basically i want something that looks ‘pretty’ when there is a sound playing, and reacts to the sound that is playing (amplitude & possibly refuqnecy content). Similar to the visualers you get with various media players.

It’s to provide a visual feedback for interface devices that affect the sound (all in max), for young people with disabilities. I think some kind of nice looking visualisation will be more interesting, than seeing sliders move up and down.

any help welcome.


Apr 11 2006 | 10:15 pm

On 11-Apr-2006, at 19:16, john sharp wrote:
> Hello, i’ve done a quick search, but i don’t know eaxctly what you
> would call, what i am looking for.

Eye Candy.

That’s what it’s called. Roger Dannenberg did a project, quite a few
years ago, published in one of the ICMC Proceedings. Off the cuff I’d
guess 1988. If you have access to an academic library with the
Proceedings, the paper would give you a URL (probably dead by now,
though). Anyway, a place to start.

Good luck,
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Apr 11 2006 | 10:32 pm

There are several "out of the box" audiovisualization examples that come with Jitter. So, my advice is that if Jitter is an option for you, you’ll have examples aplenty without really having to go much of anywhere. There are also several similar ideas included in the "Jitter Recipes"

That’s my best advice for something of that complexity.

Apr 13 2006 | 2:49 am

f0 [frederik olaffson] has an amazing patch out there somewhere called "Grahams World", which uses jitter, but is well worth the download.. now only if I could remember the URL.


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