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big troubles, performance within 3 days! help please.

Oct 12 2010 | 12:45 pm


I am in big troubles. I have a performance within 3 days. I always use to work with this configuration:

MB 13" 2,4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo.3 GB RAM. 
OS X 10.5.2
Presonus FireBox
Ableton Live 6.0.11
Max/MSP 4.6.3

I play my electric cello recording sequences in ableton and controlling everything with max and creating some effects using msp. it doesn´t use to create problems, but these last days, I open ableton live and everything is ok. but then I open max/msp (I have also tried with max5 and live8, but same thing happens) and just by creating a simple patch with adc object and setting sound on creates very many clicks and pops as you can hear in the audio example attached.

what can I do? it´s obviously a conflict between ableton live audio engine and max/msp audio engine… well… I just don´t know.

I´ve also tried with a different audio interface… but same clicks and pops.

thank you very much.



Oct 12 2010 | 4:57 pm

thanks a lot for the support team of ableton and max/msp.

they gave the solution to me.

I just had to delete de preferences folder of max/msp and ableton live.

the performance will be done without surprises!!

those people are our body guards!

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