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bit of a synth question

Sep 24 2009 | 9:16 pm

i want to create a choir type sound but the only thing i could really find was something that didnt make much sense to me

"simply 3 bandpass filers with high Q as oscillators and 3 wonderful envelopes from"

tried this and it did nothing for me.

anyone got any ways of structuring the oscillators?

couldnt find anything in previous posts and i apologise if this is a dumb question

Sep 25 2009 | 4:29 am

you can create a vocal synth from bandpasses using the biquad
object, thats true, but i dont know if that is what the guy did.

typically you would play a pulsetrain of the basefrequency into
the filters which function as resonators to give the pulse a
certain formant (which would be independent from the frequency,
typically it is just static.)

what you need to have for it is a list of coefficients for
certain vocals. typically you would set up 5 filters, 3 seems a bit less.

the whole thing is a very raw reproduction of the human voice,
but it still works because a human can easily identify anything
human voice/vocals.
setting up 5 bandpasses to build a violoncello formant
synthesizer will definetly not work but with aah ooh uuh we
are getting quite close.

if you search the net hard enough you might find the vocal
coefficients from CHANT. they are for [resonators~] i believe,
with biquad it is more fun (more flexibilty) but a also a bit
more difficult because you have to take care about the gain
coefficient yourself (which is linked to the Q in a biquad).

ich hoffe ich konnte alle klarheiten beseitigen.



Sep 25 2009 | 9:52 am

Here are two different work in progress implementations of FOF synthesis which is what you are talking about here. The first one is using the gmu syngranul~ external, and the second one uses the reson~ Band pass filter object ( which is excited by an impulse train). because in this method of synthesis, you need overlapping grains, it is slightly complicated to implement in Max, since you really need to trigger each grain at sample rate. unfortunately Poly~ doesn’t have sample accurate voice allocation, so in the second patch I have had to use quite an inefficient method.

You could also check out FTM and Gabor from ircam, which have lots of examples of this kind of thing.

Sep 25 2009 | 11:12 am

definitely have a look at IRCAM’s FTM package – there is a tutorial for FOF synthesis in the examples included in the download

Sep 25 2009 | 7:24 pm

definitely have a look at [resonators~] from CNMAT, they are really amazing. They could help with the choir sound, but also in a lot of other synthesis projects.

Many other helpful objects at the CNMAT Depot too.

Oct 24 2009 | 7:27 pm

Sure wish this link worked->

have they moved the page somewhere else ?


Oct 26 2009 | 3:03 pm

It’s fixed now!!!

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