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Bizzare Update Bug

Apr 27 2011 | 1:45 pm

Hi all,

As a long time Max 5 user, I decided to upgrade to 5.13 in order to use with Live. Max for Live now runs fine, but Max standalone exhibits a strange startup bug. When I turn it on and do an audiotest all is fine, but as soon as I open any of my patches, or even create an object, I lose all audio. I’m sure this question has been adressed elsewhere, but I’m a newcomer to the forum!

Any help would be appreciated,

Intel Mac OS X 10.6.7/ 2.4 GHz/ 4GB RAM

Apr 27 2011 | 5:08 pm

why not upgrade to the latest Max version (5.1.8)?
But the audio issue sounds like you might be running in trial mode. did you properly register Max? Maybe something got crossed in the update… search the forums or "no audio" or similar. I have seen posts like this before…

Good luck!

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