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bpatcher offset

Jun 18 2008 | 10:13 pm


from the bpatcher.maxhelp, clicking the [patcher more] opens the example with three tabs controlling the offset of a bpatcher. The third one needs to be clicked TWICE to correctly display the offset position. I have noticed the same thing in my own tabbed bpatcher- also, with the third button only. Can be easily fixed with an extra bang, but still… Could it be the curse of the number 3?…:-) Any ideas?


Jun 18 2008 | 10:36 pm

Hi Alex,

Thanks, we are aware of this issue and will be looking into it.

A workaround for the time being, aside from an additional bang, is to place a dummy object to the right and below of the rightmost/lowest object in the bpatcher patch.


Jun 19 2008 | 1:29 am

thanks, Ben


Jun 19 2008 | 2:37 am

BTW, is there any improvement to the problem of drawing outside of bpatchers in Max 5?

That is, if one puts a function object, for example, in a bpatcher and then moves it so that only part of it is visible in the bpatcher, when it is edited the entire function will suddenly appear outside of the confines of the bpatcher. This is what happens in Max 4. Is this improved in Max 5?


Jun 19 2008 | 3:47 am


this seems to be working fine now


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