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buffer~ not loading audio (sfplay~ works, audio from exaples/sounds work…)

December 7, 2013 | 6:54 pm

I just started to use Max again on a new computer after taking 6 months "off." Buffer~ won’t load audio, even in the play~.maxhelp file for instance. Sfplay~ loads audio fine, and any of Max’s audio samples from "Max 6.1/examples/sounds" work. I thought this must be a file-tree problem, but the audio I’m trying to use is in the search path… I’ve also tried reinstalling Max… twice. Any ideas?


December 8, 2013 | 8:27 pm

Sounds like a file preferences issue.

Are you trying to read files into a buffer~ by sending a read or replace message with a filename or by using read to bring up a dialog?

If the former, are you getting any error messages in the max window like "buffer~ mysound.aif: can’t open."?

If you haven’t tried the latter try it, does audio still not load into the buffer?

December 8, 2013 | 8:40 pm

Hey Ben,

This is Daniel, Anthony’s friend from Sydney in October! :) Nice to see you on here, and thanks for the help! I think I’ve fixed the problem.

Max seems to want each file in the path to be referenced separately in File Preferences. So instead of "…documents/Max/Patches/my_sampler/" it wants four different entries "…documents/" "…documents/max/," "…documents/Max/Patches/" etc.

It works with this setup. I don’t recall this being an issue before though. Was I just oblivious to this requirement or is this unusual?


December 8, 2013 | 9:02 pm

Wow – small world, Daniel!

This is indeed unusual so there must be an issue at play. Have you checked the ‘subfolders’ check box so that it looks further down into the directory you listed?

December 9, 2013 | 4:35 am

Yes, sub-folders are all checked…

It might be totally unrelated, but I’ve also encountered some weird bugs tonight that I’ve never seen before. In particular [zl.delace] and [zl.lace] were changing the values of numbers on a list! (Not just reordering them!!) I was using them chained together in order to reverse the mathmatical parity of the list-members’ order. I’ve found a workaround using CNMAT [interleave]/[deinterleave], but now I’m totally paranoid. :)

December 9, 2013 | 4:42 am

Sounds odd – can you post a patch?

December 9, 2013 | 5:13 am

I think that I have the same problem… I just can’t load a file in a buffer, even in the buffer help patch, the max windows says: buffer~: cannot open parser for this file.

OS 10.8.4
Max 6.1.5

December 9, 2013 | 6:09 am

I can’t seem to recreate the effect now. It was only happening in a particular sub-patch. However, this is basically all I was doing. The number list was coming out incremented from how the values went in. Very strange!


— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —


December 9, 2013 | 6:40 am

I have Max 6.0.7 installed on the same computer, no problem with this version…

December 10, 2013 | 1:03 am

Krisloop, did you try adding every file in the file path to File Preferences as I did? Does that fix the problem for you?

February 6, 2014 | 9:39 am

Not at all

February 6, 2014 | 11:05 pm

I’ve put the buffer~.mxo from max 6.0 in the 6.1 folder and it’s ok I’ve something in waveform~ in Max 6.1 with the 6.0 buffer~ object.

So, maybe there’s something wrong with the max 6.1 buffer~.mxo object?

December 1, 2014 | 12:01 pm

I’ve been having this problem quite a bit.

February 23, 2015 | 12:33 pm

I dont have a problem,but other people with my Live patches are reporting the buffer~ objects are not opening files.

May 25, 2015 | 1:08 am

Well this is a really dumb bug… Max just spits out a "can’t open fine now" message in the Max window.

The solution I’ve found is to initialize the buffer with a file from Max’s included sounds:

For example:
buffer~ foo anton.aif

Dragging and dropping (with [prepend replace] of course) works fine after this. Hope this helps.

Cycling, please fix this!

August 14, 2015 | 7:23 am

Hi, I’m working on a granular patch. I need to load an envelope in a buffer. I’ve generated different envelopes, I’ve got four wav files of 1024 samples. The env files and patch files are in the same folder but when use "read" message, max says: "buffer~ – expodec.wac: can’t open". What happen? Why it doesn’t work? I’ve tried putting the folder into the file preferences path. It didn’t work.

October 3, 2015 | 2:34 am

i had the same problem on win 7 64bits and fixed by using AIFF instead of wav…

October 3, 2015 | 9:48 am

i had this problem with a loadmess not loading the sample into buffer~ when i installed the 7.06 update. the project folder was on my desktop for easy access and i tried saving it to the dedicated projects folder, this seemed to sort out the filepath issues and it now responds correctly from the desktop too.

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