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Bug Report – modifying a Bpatcher

Sep 20 2012 | 9:59 am


I think I found a bug which I was able to reproduce (latest Max on mac OS X 6 8)

_in a new patcher create a bpatcher and choose to "embed patcher in parent"
_open (ctrl-klik) "new view of none" and patch something in the bpatcher (I just put a led and a "toggle" message)
_I choose to have the patcher inside to be seen only in presentation mode – with just the LED visible
_and the important part, inside of the bpatcher, connected to the message, the object [r sw1] (receive sw1)

save and close the patch, then reopen it

_copy-paste or duplicate the bpatcher, open the new copy of it made and change [r sw1] to [r sw2]. it CAN crash there (say 1 out of 3 times)

if not crashed, save the patch, close and reopen it

_copy-paste or duplicate the bpatcher (once more) open the new copy and change [r sw1] to [r sw5] – crash

____so it does not crash EVERY time but very often (one out of 2 or 3 times)

Of course, if needed I can send a patch – but I belive the steps to reproduce are clear



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