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Build error- can't locate patch?

Jun 03 2010 | 6:04 am

trying to build an application and being told it can’t locate the maxpatch (the one that it already has open to build) i select that as the patcher, the folder i select the folder it’s in as the app has allot of selectable audio files (IR’s) which are in the same folder and finally the picture that it doesn’t like.

i tell it to build and it won’t locate what it already has open , am i doing something really wrong here?

even though it comes up with that error it builds an application in the folder i have sent it too. but will not read any of the audio files it would when it was a patch, it just sais cant read L0e000 or whichever file it has been set up to read.

where am i going wrong?

thank you :)

Jun 09 2010 | 7:09 am

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your post, but you don’t need to select the patcher that you are building. You only need to add external objects that aren’t already included in the patcher. If it’s a simple patcher that is self-contained, select "Build Collective/Application…" from the file menu. The window that opens should already have the line "open thispatcher" at the top. If that’s all you need, then click the "Build" button. If you have external files and folders other than your patcher, use the "Include Folder…" and "Include File…" buttons. If you have other patchers that need to be included, use the "Patcher…" button.

Once you have all the other files added, I STRONGLY suggest saving the script before you build it. I have found that with large builds, I rarely get it right the first time, and being able to open the saved script and tweak it a bit is much better than having to start over each time.

Good luck!

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