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c74 app update, now also for iPad!

Jan 07 2011 | 10:00 am

Just received this email from Leo van der Veen, creator of the C74 app for iPhone:

Hi there,

c74 has finally been updated to version 1.4, adding lots of new objects, features and bug fixes. The update requires you to download the v1.4 external. Please make sure that Max won’t still use the old one (so delete the previous version). A full list of changes :

Fixed :
– Appearance on sliders
– Better multitouch support for screen background
– Some bugs regarding the image commands
– Path issues on images

Added :
– iPad support, app is now Universal.
– multislider object
– XY object
– kslider object
– textedit object
– messagebox object
– umenu object
– Webbrowser object
– Font support
– Microphone attribute, sends the iPhone/iPads average microphone value.
– Menu attribute, hide the menu triangle at the bottom of the screen.
– Rotate attribute, prevents the app from rotating screen content
– App now sends interface orientation
– Ability to query url’s (e.g. content of php file) with url message
– sfrecord message that records audio of a given duration on the iOS device (currently only in .caf format, which can’t be read by neither buffer~ or sfplay~ …)
– sfplay message that plays audio on the iOS device

Known issues :
– Grabbing images might cause c74 to disconnect, memory issues (on iPhone 4)
– sfrecord message is in an experimantal stage.

To be added in v1.5 :
– gyroscope support (implementation will end compatibility with iOS 3.2)
– poll rate on sensors
– forward remote device data (for instance headset buttons)
– suggestions ?

Some links : Link to the iTunes store This is where you’ll find the new external Often requested, a manual on how to connect and play with c74 (includes list of objects/commands)


Jan 07 2011 | 10:39 am


so happy with this update.

even when i still miss being able to control vibration of the iphone with max, so many things can be done with it (a blind metronome, or it can tell you when an important task has been activated – recording for instance -, etc.).

maybe some day.

thanks leo.


Jan 07 2011 | 12:23 pm

leo tells me now you can make it vibrate.
i vibrate myself with these good news.

thanks again leo.

Jan 07 2011 | 3:46 pm

Working on an iPhone 3GS I notice the following: when the orientation has changed to landscapeleft, the area right of pixel 320 does not respond to touch. This is the part that was ‘outside the screen’ when in portrait. Also the the little corner for menu access disappears.

A suggestion for an addition: dial?

Otherwise I’m impressed.


Jan 07 2011 | 3:52 pm

Does this work on Windows?

Jan 07 2011 | 3:57 pm

Another feature I just thought of is the option to query battery level.

> Does this work on Windows?

The documentation says: "Currently the external is OSX only and requires Max 5. The external is open source so a Windows external might be built in the future by who knows."

Jan 07 2011 | 8:35 pm

Thanks jvkr for pointing out the orientation bug, working on it right now. As a bonus I’ve implemented battery level and status polling. Dial will be there in v1.5, the little corner is disabled in orientation mode since the menu won’t fit in orientation mode… hehe


Jan 07 2011 | 9:07 pm

Update now in review…
External has been updated as well


Jan 07 2011 | 10:59 pm

Fantastic work. Can’t wait to use it in an upcoming performance.


Jan 08 2011 | 5:34 am

well, this is a pleasant case of "not dead"

Jan 09 2011 | 3:21 am

Great! I love c74 :-)

Jan 09 2011 | 2:44 pm

thanks a lot, looking forward to putting it to some use!

Jan 12 2011 | 10:51 am

Top work leo!!! Been waiting for this to be updated for a while now, just wanted to know if you can now use images as sliders/buttons etc?

And many thanks for the continued work on this excellent bridge between max and the iphone.


Apr 08 2011 | 11:38 pm

Hello, I’m using the latest version of c74 on an ipad. When I create a message box with an x value greater than 324, the background of the message box disappears and the c74 external doesn’t report when it’s pressed.
Here’s an example patch:

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Does my problem make sense? Can you confirm?
Thanks for your help!

Apr 09 2011 | 12:02 am

Sorry, I messed up the example patch. Here it is:

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Apr 12 2011 | 2:35 pm

luv this! congrats to leo!

May 06 2011 | 4:30 pm

hi there leo!

thanks a lot for this wonderful update. i included three iphones running c74 connected to one computer in a show i made recently in glasgow (i used to make it with 3 wiimotes). the devices are given to the audience, who control some music, projections and stuff over the stage during the performance.

the 3 iphones where working right during the performance with pictures, sounds, messages, buttons to be pressed, screen colors, vibrations, and one thousand things!

i just missed not to have a "video" object to send some videos (or just to use those in ipod) to the devices.

will it be possible in the future??

for the rest i just can tell you this is the app of my dreams. and it is huge and reliable on a live show as a bulldozer.

many thanks for that a great job!


Oct 18 2014 | 4:07 am

PLEASE HELP! Since the new Update it doesn’t want to go in landscape mode anymore, and I really need it to work urgently.. There was something about the new attribute which can disable it, maybe because of this? I couldn’t find it anywhere, I also got the new external.

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