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c74 Question

May 09 2010 | 2:34 am

I have purchased c74 and have it connected successfully to Max, as far as the default interface/layout goes. But, alas, I am very new to Max(been teaching myself for a mere 6 mos. or so), and therefore I am completely stumped as to how to create my own custom interface. Clearly, this is a result of my noobness. If anyone would care to elaborate briefly on what must be a woefully simple thing I am missing, I would be much obliged. I can create objects in the same orientation, size, etc. as the default c74 objects, but getting past that . . . well, as I say, I know I’m missing something basic. If there’s any documentation, etc. out there for c74 aside from the short video tutorial, I would love to be enlightened.

May 09 2010 | 9:42 am

you could look at this thread:

also, if you right/alt click on an empty patcher window and look at patcher properties (i think; or else Options/Preferences) you can mess with (and restore) object/patcher UI defaults. And load different colour schemes. In the lower left pane of any patcher is a button marked ‘Presentation Mode’ too.

May 10 2010 | 4:29 am

Thank You. Unfortunately, I am still completely at a loss. I have examined that thread. I am used to Presentation Mode. I use it all the time. I guess I’m in way over my head! I can fire up c74, open the "c74.maxhelp" patch, and create objects from the "creating_objects" sub patcher just as they appear there, but beyond that, I am dead in the water. I can follow and execute everything in the c74 video tutorial, EXCEPT there’s (to me, obviously) this huge missing chunk in regards to making a custom interface of one’s own. My head will explode now . . .

I have been experimenting with the Touch OSC app with Max too. Much more successfully, in that I am simply deconstructing some of the existing templates and integrating them into my own Max patches. Working like a charm.
But man, I have hit the wall with c74. I contacted n74 but alas, no reply . . .

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