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Camera IP

Feb 20 2010 | 9:58 pm

i’ve bought an ip camera:

I’ve tried to use it with the SecurityPlayer001 of Vade, and with an other patch called "network camera.1", but it doesn’t work…

Does someone succeed to access my cam with MAX ? Its IP:
user: admin
pwd: none

Thank you !!!!

Feb 20 2010 | 10:35 pm

Can see your camera with Safari – Set up second user :test pwd ; test
Will try to see it in Max next . . .

Feb 20 2010 | 11:46 pm

Access via Max POC – I needed Server push mode on a Mac with Safari

Launchbrowser opens your local OS browser

jWeb runs it inside Max


-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Feb 21 2010 | 10:55 am

Thank you for your answers.
Is there an other way than with jweb ? I would like to have just the video stream in max.

Feb 21 2010 | 11:13 am

I’m sure this will work with the object

Feb 24 2010 | 10:43 am


thank you for your answer.
I’ve tried with, but it doesn’t seem to work. It workes fine with

Does someone know how I should modify the SecurityPlayer001 of vade to make it work with my cam ? Or I should modify the attached patch ?

Thank you !!!

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