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Can a max patch control transport of a sequencer like this:

Aug 17 2010 | 2:38 pm

I am looking at creating a system of Cue Responsive Beat Tracking. The plan is to use a max patch to control another sequencer so that I don’t have to reinvent the sequencer in Max – effectively, the system would:

1. take in audio and then beat tracks that audio to control the tempo of a sequencer – (This is done particularly well by the system B-Keeper)
2. I am also looking to add some transport control to ensure that the system goes to the required section of music at the right time. I am looking at a system of setting up cues: sending an instruction that at the end of the bar, sends the transport to a predetermined bar number and continues.

Is this kind of transport possible using MIDI or rewire? It would be great to control a sequencer like Reaper this way (although Noob4Life tells me that it is possible to send messages to the Reaper API but that is way over my head…)

Otherwise, would this be best to do in Ableton using Max4Live? I am a little tentative cos it’s much more expensive than Reaper…

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