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Can AutoPattr Run Out of Storage Space?

Jul 13 2008 | 5:22 pm

Hi, I am using autopattr with quite large patch(40 bpatchers, 10 filtergraphs, dozens of toggles, umenus, flonums, etc.). For some reason, my autopattr doesn’t seem to be reading anything in the top level patch. The state of all my bpatchers are recorded and recalled, but any of the number boxes/toggles/filters/etc. that exist within the main patch are unaffected by autopattr. Autopattr is set to @autoname 1, so all the objects have scripting names. However, I notice that they do not appear in the preset storage window. I am wondering if autopattr only has a given amount of storage space? if so, how do i expand upon this? if not, what could be a cause of this problem?

thanks for any help.

Jul 13 2008 | 5:38 pm

ignore this, it’s working now?? blasted max and its mind games :-D

i really do wish there was some kind of delete button for these posts to avoid clutter such as this.

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