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Can bonk~ work on MaxMSP 4.6.2

Oct 13 2006 | 2:21 am

Hi all,

i’ve just upgraded to 4.6.2

unfortunately it won’t recognise the bonk~ or fiddle~ externals,

it seems to be due to the absence of an extension, i’ve tried adding one manually but to no avail.

Please help me someone, i have an exhibtion in less than two weeks,



Oct 13 2006 | 2:34 am

Oct 13 2006 | 4:56 am

i wish i was able to do that, but my PC broke so now i’m using a macbook pro, and apparently the only version of MaxMsp that works is 4.6.2, thats with os 10.4.6.

any more ides?

Oct 13 2006 | 7:07 am

Olaf Matthes has compiled it for the Intel Macs:


Oct 23 2006 | 7:52 pm

Is there an other place where to find it? because the web site is down… :(

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