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… can not even start with it…

Jun 09 2008 | 7:21 pm

Dear Reader,

I am having already pain in my head, because I can not sort it out..

I would like to use Xcode to create patches, but going through the tutorials is already a hard task. I copied the two folders in the libary folder where they belong…

c74support in – – –

/Users/krisztianhofstadter/Library/Application Support/c74support/

…and also in

/Library/Application Support/c74support/

frameforks in —

/Library/Frameworks/MaxAPI.framework/ /Library/Frameworks/MaxAudioAPI.framework/ /Library/Frameworks/MaxJSRef.framework/

When I try to build the maximum object, the process is not successful as it gives me an error (attached picture).

Please give me a hint, as it is essential:)
All the best,


Intel Macbook
Xcode 2.4.1.
Max 5.


Jun 09 2008 | 7:52 pm

You know about this artice?


Jun 09 2008 | 8:07 pm

Quote: Mattijs wrote on Mon, 09 June 2008 21:52
> You know about this artice?
> Mattijs

Oh, and more important, this article:

Make sure you download the Universal Binary SDK from the first link on that page. The c74support folder in that one contains the file you are missing.

Actually I’m curious why the 4.5.5 sdk isn’t completely merged with the UB sdk. I think that would save some bandwidth on the forum.


Jun 10 2008 | 7:27 pm

Dear Mattijs,

thank you for the reply, I went through the tutorials, and I think I did everything suggested there to get the solution.

I am trying to rewrite an object, which is for getting EEG data from a Bluetooth device. The original one uses FFT built in. I just want to get the raw data.

I am trying to get familiar with Xcode (ha!) but I could not really get around it.

I changed the directories as it should be…
the problem I am having is that the debug file (finished mxo) is much smaller (600kb) than the original one (15MB). Obviously can not use the file…

I attach some pictures the let you see how Xcode looks like.

If you think (time?) I could send the actual external and the Xcode folder as well.

I highly appreciate your help!
Thank you,

Jun 11 2008 | 12:43 pm


I think I have got it, why is that I always cry when I stuck in little mud?! Sorry:)

Now C, that is going to be fun:)

all the best

Jun 12 2008 | 8:46 am

Quote: tedor wrote on Wed, 11 June 2008 14:43
> …jooo…
> I think I have got it, why is that I always cry when I stuck in little mud?! Sorry:)
> Now C, that is going to be fun:)
> all the best

Glad to hear you found it.

For me the biggest obstacles of programming are always the IDEs. They have too much quircky features which are poorly structured in the interfaces. The actual working with a consistently structured and documented language such as C is much more pleasant.

Good luck,

Jun 17 2008 | 9:09 pm

dear Mattijs,

I think I will need some more tips from you.
This object makes me cry, it is very complicated.

I just would like to get two raw datas (Left and Right channel), but the original patch looks like a jungle:(

I am sure I need to get the data from the serial port… I’d like to have two separate channels with raw data. (Left and Right)

If you have a minute, please have a look in the attached project file.

Any help appreciated,


Jun 18 2008 | 8:48 am

Quote: tedor wrote on Tue, 17 June 2008 23:09
> I just would like to get two raw datas (Left and Right channel), but the original patch looks like a jungle:(

Just to be sure: you mean "the original code", right? Not "the original patch".


Jun 18 2008 | 9:24 am

…yes I sent you the original code for Xcode (I needed to copy the commonsyms.c, as that was not there).

The original patch is just one object with a help file.

thank you in advance


Jun 22 2008 | 9:16 am

I’m sorry tedor, but your question is not very specific. I can’t just write an external for you.

Furthermore, looking at the original patch there are lots of spelling mistakes and such. It doesn’t seem like something you should depend on.


Jun 22 2008 | 12:33 pm

this Xcode project (ibvaGet.mxo) is a big deal for me.
There are too many messages, strings, (C language) I can not understand.

What I am doing now, is to find a way how to get the data from the serial port. (bluetooth)

I am not sure about how many signals I get from my EEg, it is possible that the device already makes the raw eeg data up. But it is possible that the code is the one (ibvaGet.mxo) which makes the algorithmic calculations.

I have got 3 electrodes (forehead left, right and one in the middle, ‘active’) and an ear clip which is the supposed to be the ‘indifferent’ (as near as zero potential). The difference beetween the outputs is amplified and appears as raw data.
As far as I know the 3 electrodes measures (middle one) are for helping to distinguish the left and the right potentials.

thank you so far,
I am going to work on it, if anything new comes around I will post some more questions, I am sure:)

all the best!

Aug 13 2008 | 5:22 pm

… I think I have got some news… and questions of course:)

I was investigating and could find out that it is 4 numbers I need to look for.

BlueVAS IBVA hardware data format :

10 bit : 000.. 3ff
direct out, no offset
000 is 0V input. -> -2.5 V input ( – 100 micro V input )
3ff is 5V input. -> +2.5 V input ( + 100 micro V input )
200 is 2.5V input. -> 0 V input

ex data

221 18f 12f 121
222 121 0b3 078
1b8 0f6 098 07a
181 0b3 07e 051
1ad 0fb 0d2 0b9
1de 144 11e 10c
20f 187 15f 14f
239 1ea 186 1f4


Actually I just need the first two, as I use only two channels.

In Quartz Composer I could see the incoming data, but that is not a real help as I need it in Max.

I am still trying to understand the way the the object is made. Mostly in C. But I am trying to walk an alternative way…

There is a serial object which I could use to see some incoming data. But those not separated in channels and are just integers. Has anyone an idea how I could use the object ‘serial’ to around my issue.

I also uploaded the Xcode project, someone might has an idea where to look for raw data:

Any help appreciated!


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