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cant render more nurbs with more js objects—>

Mar 23 2010 | 6:33 am

Hello there,
think is a very stupid question,
but is the first time with JavaScript..
i got stucked trying to generate more than
one "nurbs" jitterObject and be able to control
them separately.
i dont know if i have to create a single Js file with all the controls in
one or is possible working in different ones while the jit.window and
the are shared between the 3d objects.
The only way that is working is making both of them render with
the JitterObject directly into their Js files.. the problem is my Mac crashed
in a very bad way after 2 minutes of that…(and anyway before that,
as u can see from the patch, there is the problem of the double render banged
giving the outut an annoying stroboscopic effect…

by the way.. here’s my patch, is just a little modification of one of
the examples of Max5 (js jsglnurbstendril.js).

thank you thank you thank you thank u
p.s(i’m sending the patch as attached ‘cose writing down 1 max5 and 2 Js patches
would have been a bit too much..

Mar 29 2010 | 3:58 pm

ok i got it

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