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change the value of the y Coordinate in jit.p.window

Jul 27 2012 | 12:15 pm

(here’s the patch, add some wav file to the buffer and open the camera on the upper left, than open the ezdac~)
how do I change the value of the y Coordinate so that when my head is low- the music will get slower?

  1. ahalanpatch.maxpat
Jul 27 2012 | 3:08 pm

I’ve tried to use Jit.rota but it doesn’t do it, please I need your help because I gotta get shit down fast (school project).
heres another patch (doesn’t do it)

Jul 27 2012 | 3:46 pm

If you connect a jit.print object to the outlet of cv.jit.faces you will see that numerical 4 values are outputed which represent the location of the detected face (which is drawn by as a green box by cv.jit.faces.draw).

It is a matrix with 4 planes, and if you just want the y-location you can concentrate yourself to the second plane (value) of this matrix.

So if you connect a "jit.spill @plane 1" object to cv.jit.faces you get a value that you can connect with the speed of the sound. You might want to slide / smooth the value as well..

Jul 27 2012 | 4:52 pm

Okay, I got you on that one, thanks!
but how do I flip the 0 into a 50, and the 50 into a 0? (rotate the Y-location)

Jul 27 2012 | 5:43 pm

have a look into the scale object

Jul 27 2012 | 6:26 pm

you don’t have a clue how much of a great person you are. thanks a lot!!! :)

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