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chromakey question

Apr 15 2009 | 2:51 am

Hey everyone,

I’ve been messing with jit.chromakey and I have a question, and I was hoping someone could help me with it. I’m working on a project that records live video of people in front of a green screen. It will then automatically read it into a jit object and chromakey out the greenscreen, and eventually layer the different files on top of each other. So basically, it will look like a bunch of people composited against some background.

So to my problem. I want to make it in the style of an iPod commercial, so after I key out the green screen, I want to make whatever is left to be solid black. I tried to put in a levels effect to go between the video feed and the jit.chromakey object, but that, of course messes with the color that it keys out. I’m just using the basic chromakey example that it has in the tutorial and help files. Is there a way to modify it so that I can take whatever is left after keying and just turn it black? Thanks for all the help.

Apr 15 2009 | 6:58 pm

Take a look at cromakey shader (co.cromakey.jxs), I think that is bather solution for keying the background (more power to CPU) . Otherwise jit. cromakey make alfa channel which is black and white mask image. Use jit.cromakey in mode 1 or unpack data form jit.cromakey and the firs plane is alfa channel .
Hope that helps.

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