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[coll] threading multiple operations

Sep 12 2012 | 1:40 pm

Hello guys !!!!!!!!

did some of you experienced any problems with threading some multiple operations on a [coll] ?
What i mean is (as example) :
i have a [coll] that contain numbered-symbols as indexes ( abc1 ,abc2 …. abc99 . uuu1 ,uuu2 … uuu99 . and so on ) .
Im doing operations like : swap , move , delete , dublicate by using one main [coll] and second for dumped data that has to be operated .
after desired tasks im replacing main [coll] content with the right one .
Everything is proved considering operations order and dumping tricks .
The thing is that i want to do the same operation on any numbered-symbol index in one time (i know its not asynchronous) . For all "abc" ,"uuu" etc . simply on and any other symbols that represent the same order .

Is there a chance that i will disturb operations while banging the same procedure for each dedicated symbol i want to affect (bang one after another) ?
note that every numbered-symbol index has its own engine to provide that operations . it contains the same set of [coll]s with the same name . Just banging one engine after another (without waiting for the first one to be finished) .

Ive checked it on only 3 sets of different index symbol ,and i havent noticed any flow problems , but im wondering if i can expect some aliens with more of the data to maintain . Would be great to know such thing before i start to implement the whole system which is quite complex at this level already :/

If someone know something about threading multiple operations on [coll] please please share your warnings or tips if you think are necessary .


Sep 12 2012 | 5:10 pm

for what you want to do, do not use [coll], use [dict]. it seems. you decide.

Sep 12 2012 | 5:18 pm

thanks …

for simple (but multiple) array fashion operations . i would love to finish this project in max 5 for some reasons (before i switch) .

edit : the whole thing is working but i dont know if it will keep health when dealing with larger amount of data .
its hard to debug it at the moment . but if i implement all the "stuff" there will be hard time when something will go wrong . i need to decide about the structure and operation’s engine before assembling it into the project :/

so if someone dealt with such thing ,i would love to hear your experiences

Sep 13 2012 | 9:26 am

Hi Nicolas !
yes i know its not multithreading , and i might believe that this is an advantage in my case :) ive checked whole functionality on a large amount of data and everything is working perfect ,even visually is not a mess inside the [coll] data structure .

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