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color tracking

Mar 27 2009 | 10:40 pm


for an installation i want to use jitter, colour tracking.

i will sprinkle lucent green drops (fluorescein – glows in uv-light) on a glass table and detect them with a camera. to do so i think i will part the image in probably 80×60 cells.

what i do need now is each cell to tell me if there’s green colour in it or not. i basiclly need to know the number of the cell and if the cell is active or not – 1 or 0. further i need this data to control sound parameters in maxmsp.

so, what jitter object do i need to get this data?
thanks for all answers in advance!!


Mar 28 2009 | 12:53 am

after doing the basic tutorials, this project should be no problem for you to manage.

search the forum, tons of info already here.
eg., this recent post.

for tracking solid colors, jit.findbounds is your friend.

posting a patch with specific questions will get you the most/best help for the most part.

Mar 28 2009 | 2:32 am

Another idea would be to "downsample" your matrix, take just the green plane, and use jit.op @op > @value (threshold) to get a small matrix giving you 1/0 for each of your "cells" (by the way, a "cell" in jitter is something specific, not the kind of area you describe). Then, you can do many things to drive sound processing with that (as long as you have a MSP patch working, it won’t be hard to hook the jitter analysis to your sound synthesis or processing parameters).

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