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Complex math on matricies of data?

Jan 18 2010 | 7:00 pm

Hi everybody – I’ve been going through the tutorials and help patches for a couple days and can’t seem to find a way to do this stuff, so I’m asking here.

I want to perform complex matrix math (not visual matricies, but matricies of data – floating-point numbers).

For example, if I have two tables of values, and I want to add the values of one row to the corresponding row in another table without affecting the other values, Or similarly with columns. Or adding one number to all cells in a row? Or adding or multiplying two tables together? I was looking at using jit.cellblock, but it doesn’t appear to have any complex math capabilities like that. I also looked at using jit.matrix but while some of those math functions are in place, I can’t figure out how to output the values again as anything other than an image. (I’m sure I saw such a thing before but can’t figure out where now). What do you suggest I use for this sort of thing? If possible, I’m looking for a versatile solution that doesn’t lag the patcher too badly.

Thanks so much! This project is gonna be pretty cool, I’ll post video of the results here when it’s done.

Jan 18 2010 | 7:24 pm

And to clarify, by "complex math" all I mean is adding multiple parts of a matrix at once. Not complex in the mathematical sense, such as complex numbers. Really I could’ve just said matrix math I suppose.

Jan 19 2010 | 9:06 pm

check out jit.op and jit.expr and post back here with further questions.

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