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Complex Patch Troubleshooting

Mar 13 2011 | 2:45 pm

I have a very complex patch which I’ve uploaded here. It worked in tests when I was testing it at my undergraduate university under the tutelage of professors, but now something is broken and I’m a completly lost.

The patch is supposed to:

1. Take sound in from the miced piano.

2. When the MIDI peddle is depressed it opens a uniquely names poly and begins recording into the buffer.

3. When the MIDI peddle is lifted it is supposed to immediately start looping (grooveducking) the audio in that specific buffer immediately.

4. That audio is then supposed to be sent to GIZMOPFFT (also unique to each Poly) which scales the tempo without changing the pitch.

5. Each subsequent pedal down opens a new Poly until the maximum number of Polys are open, at which point is overwrites the buffer in the first Poly, etc.

6. If the peddle is NOT depressed any sound being taken in is simply delayed a few times. This works fine and is not part of the problem I’m having.

7. If you play around with the peddle toggle switches and record some sound you will see that the buffer in the Poly records the sound just fine. However, if you check the print object on the far left hand side of the Poly file (which is attached to the output from the grooveduck) you will see that I’m getting an error message after the grooveduck which says:

groove~: no buffer~
print: signal
[repeats this numerous times, then]
ad_directsound: Failed to set cooperative level to priority.
ad_directsound: unable to Play output buffer.
ad_directsound: stopping due to error.

Any ideas?
Thanks ~DM

  1. LooperPoly.maxpat
Mar 14 2011 | 6:34 pm

I could really use some help if anyone can see where the problem is.


Mar 14 2011 | 10:03 pm

I ahven’t looked at your patch, but the print: signal message means you have a print object connected to a signal– disconnect it. Try changing your sound driver to something other than ad_directsound. I’ve never used groove, but I assume it needs a buffer name as an argument (ie a buffer object with audio loaded into it)

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