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Confused: Are there two different kinds of metro objects?

Apr 30 2012 | 5:52 am

I’m working on the Max tutorial and I’m creating a metro object. Since I’m using Max4Live, I created a metro object inside a max instrument within Ableton. Then I realized, as a part of the tutorial, I needed to have the metro inside the tutorial instead. So I copied and pasted my metro from my Max instrument to the tutorial file. As I went along I realized that my metro was not working according to the tutorial (#8 Keyboard and Mouse input). I also realized that the metro object from the max instrument looks different from the tutorial. They appear to function differently. Attached is a screenshot.

Can someone explain this to me?


  1. Picture7.png


Apr 30 2012 | 6:28 am

Do you mean the lower right one? This seems to be a message-box that has "metro 250" written in it, not a metro object. Maybe you accidently used the "m" shortcut instead of "n" when you tried to create the object.

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