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Connection problems with tape delay on my patch. Please help!!

Jan 09 2012 | 12:49 am


Im very new to MaxMSP and i've been working on this patch for about a week now.

I'm having major trouble with connecting my tape delay to my sample, I quite frankly have no idea where to put the output of my delay. I have tried almost everything!

Could someone please advise me where to put the output or where i'm going wrong or if i need to add something.

It's for a uni assignment so it will be very much appreciated!



  1. Screenshot20120109at00.48.31.png


Jan 09 2012 | 4:40 am

We prefer patches over pictures…from what i can tell from you pic you supplied, you have not connected your audio source to the delay. i would take the output of the omx.4band~ and patch it in the the input of the tapin~ object
Hope this helps, if not, please post your patch.

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