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convert dwg to obj?

Feb 23 2006 | 7:49 pm

Someone asked about this last year, but I didn’t see any followups to
the post.

Does anyone know how I could go about converting an AutoCAD .dwg file
to .obj? I’ve looked through a bunch of opensource & demo tools, but
haven’t discovered anything yet.

any pointers hints, suggestions?

thanks in advance!


Feb 24 2006 | 2:03 am

There’s a plugin for AutoCAD to obj here: m

Also, there is Wings3D which can help prepare 3D files for Jitter-style

I use obj-exports from Maya and those work well!

Feb 24 2006 | 1:32 pm

There’s Milkshape, a shareware program with a liberal (re-installable) demo policy:

It converts between 37 different 3d file formats.


Feb 24 2006 | 9:16 pm

On the commercial side, there’s NuGraf and related products:

— Paul

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