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cosm sound agent que?

Jan 03 2011 | 11:37 am


i'm somewhat new to max msp (and the forum) so if this is a n00b question, hereby my appologies in advance. Now i'm not entirely sure this forum is the right place to ask questions about cosm, but since its a plugin for max msp..

me and 4 others are currently working on a cosm script, in where we want agents floating around that, when hit, plays a certain wav. sound.

we've already figured out how to make the agents move around or how to make them play a constant noise. (see: pictures attached)

What I would like to ask is, how can i make an agent play a random wav sound when hit by me or another agent?
(for instance an agent can play sound1.wav, sound2.wav. and sound3.wav and it wil randomly pick any of these when hit)

could any of you guys help me out with this? i can attach the file to this thread if the pictures are to vague

forward thanks for you help!

[attachment=150339,1623] [attachment=150339,1624]

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