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CPU Efficient alternatives to play~ ?

Nov 24 2006 | 6:00 pm


I’m building a granular synth thingie that uses poly~ to have a dozen or so play~ objects read out a soundfile at different points in time. my issue is that play~ seems to use the same amount of CPU no matter if it outputs 1 or 2 channels of a 2 channel buffer. I would expect that reading only 1 channel would roughly be half as cpu intensive, or not?

previously, I had used the xplay~ external, mainly because it uses about half the CPU for reading 1 channel compared to play~. But xplay~ isnt UB yet, and this is important in my case.

So what I’m wondering if there’s a playback object or external that does the follwoing:

– Is Universal Binary
– Offers interpolation to avoid aliasing (so no "index~")
– Doesnt waste CPU when reading only one channel instead of two


– Lets one specifiy which of the two channels of a two channel buffer to play …

thanks for any advice

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