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CPU overload

May 01 2009 | 7:04 am

Hey guys I’m running a HUGE Max/MSP/Jitter patch with Wii Remotes and Ableton Live and everything is working correctly except with enormous amounts of latency. The sound is not affected, but the video runs very herky-jerky and it also takes a long time to respond when I press a button on the Wii or even click on a bang. Can anyone give me a list of some common jitter/msp objects that cause the most heavy CPU hangups? I have heard that jit.pwindow does if you use a lot of them, and so does scope~. Any others jump to mind? I’m also using a whole bunch of Bpatchers (about 20) would it be significantly faster to make some of them into abstractions? Thank you!

May 01 2009 | 7:20 am

have a look at these standard jitter movie optimization hints by vade:

it might help…

May 01 2009 | 1:31 pm

Thank you, I was indeed doing many of the things he specifically said not to. One thing I didn’t understand was this:

No really, DO NOT create unnecessary UI elements, even hidden ones. Max has to keep track of them. Simply hiding them wont do it. Replace number boxes with [float] and [int], etc.

Is he talking about float boxes and integer boxes? What is he saying to replace them with?

Thanks for the pointer.

May 01 2009 | 11:56 pm

but that he means that you shouldn’t have any number-boxes or other UI elements around that you don’t absolutely need. For example, you wouldn’t want a [bang] between your metro and wherever it is going. just eats up cpu and it has no function other than tell the user it is working. replace an integer numberbox with an [int] object, etc…

May 02 2009 | 7:10 pm

Ah… I see. I didn’t even know there were [int] and [float] objects besides the boxes. I also didn’t even think of the bang after the metro eating up cpu. It’s a f*cking miracle this patch is running at all with all the excess UI stuff in it. THANKS!

May 02 2009 | 9:53 pm

But the major improvement will be to use OpenGL processing instead of matrix processing. You don’t mention how you process your video, but if you don’t use OpenGL, it’s time to get started.
Also, you could test (if you use it) in UYVY colormode.

May 03 2009 | 12:56 pm

Yeah, you guessed it. I haven’t had time to dive into openGL yet, I have only just got a handle on the matrix processing so I wanted to get that first. I am not using any objects actually. the main ones I’m using are jit.lcd and jit.gradient.
Thanks for the advice!

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