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Crashing out jit.broadcast

Jan 20 2009 | 7:05 pm

I’m playing around with settings for jit.broadcast, including matrix
size and quality. If I turn them up too much Max crashes immediately
without any kind of alert, and I find the following in the console log:

20/01/2009 19:01:09 [0x0-0xb0db0d].com.cycling74.MaxMSP[29673]
MultiFramedRTPSink::afterGettingFrame1(): The input frame data was too
large for our buffer size (60772). 68679 bytes of trailing data was
dropped! Correct this by increasing "OutPacketBuffer::maxSize" to at
least 129451, *before* creating this ‘RTPSink’. (Current value is
20/01/2009 19:01:09 [0x0-0xb0db0d].com.cycling74.MaxMSP[29673]
StreamParser internal error (149999+ 4 > 150000)

What am I doing wrong? What I’m after is high-resolution streaming
between machines on the same LAN with minimal compression artefacts.

— N.

Nick Rothwell / Limited

Mar 17 2010 | 4:49 pm

Nick did you ever find a solution? I am having the same similar problem… no crashing but what ever i turn the @size to it always opens the stream up at the preset resolution from max 160 200… I need it to be higher.
Any thoughts?

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