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creating computer-to-computer network at startup?

Feb 26 2006 | 8:20 pm

I am doing an installation with a number of macs sharing some information over a wireless computer-to-computer network. I am wondering if someone has found a way to create a computer-to-computer network when the computer boots up? Since the network is gone when the computers go to sleep or are shut down I am looking for a way to avoid making this network manually.
My plan is to start one computer first, have some sort of script to create the network, then boot the other computers which will then find the existing network. So far I have had no luck searching for applescript solutions, but it doesnt seem like it should be impossible?


Feb 27 2006 | 2:20 pm

If you are using Macs and you have a hub, I would think that
"automatic" network detection would just put each computer online when
it woke up. The same thing works equally for wireless or wired
networks. There is plenty of documentation at Apple and probably right
on your computer (the the Help Viewer, accessing it from the Network
pane in the System Preferences).

If you are creating peer-to-peer netowrks without a hub the situation
is somewhat different, but also well-documented:

— Help Viewer says:

To create an AirPort network other users can join:

Open Network preferences and choose AirPort from the Show pop-up menu.
Click AirPort and make sure the "Allow this computer to create
networks" checkbox is selected.

Open Internet Connect and click the AirPort icon in the toolbar.

Choose Create Network from the Network pop-up menu. Give the network a
name and click Options to give the network a password.

You can also use the AirPort status icon in the menu bar to create a
Computer-to-Computer network.


And again, once you have the network set up, everything should connect
when it wakes up. Further docs on Apples web site. If you want to
verify network status from each computer in MaxMSP, try using OSC and
checking status after attempting to send a message to a remote

For mixed networks of MacOS/Win/Unix boxes, one computer acts as the
server, and by convention has IP address, and the others
have IP addresses off 192.168. The actually set up depends on which
computer acts as server. Macs have been using as the server
address by default, but you can changes this manually–the "1.1"
termination identifies the server, in any case.


— Paul

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Mar 02 2006 | 3:42 pm

thanks, but I think you have misinterpreted my post. I needed a way for a computer-to-computer network to be created automatically at startup. If you put all computers in a computer-to-computer network to sleep, they have no network to connect to when they wake up again.
I will probably follow an offlist advice to use a wireless router, it is the safest and easiest solution.


Jul 26 2011 | 6:05 pm

returning to this, i’m looking into the same thing, to run a mac mini over an ipad. Have found two potential avenues…

anyone else find any solutions to the goal of automatically creating an adhoc network on startup, so that the ipad can be used for a vnc connection…?

Jul 29 2011 | 5:07 am

came across some nice automator scripts, very convenient, just as i was looking into startup scripting to secure an ad-hoc network, here’s a solution…

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