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csound~ v1.0.3 released

Jun 20 2007 | 8:24 am

Hi all,

csound~ v1.0.3 can be found at:

Please note that on WinXP, the "python25.dll" errors are not fatal; just click "OK", "OK", "OK" and continue working. Don’t want to see those error messages anymore? Just install Python 2.5.

Here’s a summary of changes since last version:

Added "bypass" message. "bypass 1" enables bypass mode and "bypass 0" disables bypass mode. When bypass mode is enabled, audio arriving at [csound~]’s inlets will be copied to their respective outlets. If there is an active Csound performance, it will not be performed while in bypass mode, thus saving CPU cycles.

Added "tempo" message. It accepts a float argument that sets the playback speed when playing recorded events. "tempo 1.0" means playback at original speed. "tempo" messages are not recorded.

(WinXP) Fixed crashes when sending "start" or "bang" after sending a "csound" message that contains files that can’t be found. Now, when the "csound" message is received, all csd/orc/sco files are are searched for. If they are not found, then sending "bang" or "start" will do nothing.

(WinXP) Only two binaries included in zip file (csound~_double.mxe and csound~_float.mxe). These binaries are compatible with Csound_5.03 through Csound_5.06. They should also be compatible with upcoming releases (fingers crossed).

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