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cv.jit new version: Robust Tracking of Two (or more) Points not working

Nov 30 2006 | 12:04 pm


I updated cv.jit and noticed the method presented in the earlier version of cv.jit labeled: "Robust Tracking of Two (or more) Points", does not work anymore. Max just sends an error message: "jit.scissors mismatch dim". cv.jit.trackgroup abstraction is in the "obsolete"-folder in the new version.

Is this a bug or is it not even supposed to work anymore? Any workarounds?

I am using windows and max 4.5.6 & Jitter 1.5.2

Dec 04 2006 | 4:36 am

cv.jit.track was changed in version 1.5 to output 1-dimension matrices. This was done to standardize output and make it work with other objects. jit.scissors does not work with 1-dim matrices.

It’s true that cv.jit.trackgroup is "obsolete". A better way to achieve robust tracking now is with cv.jit.features and the "roi" attribute.

To make the old robust tracking patch work with the new cv.jit.track, you need to add [jit.dimmap @map 0 -1] between cv.jit.track and jit.scissors.


Dec 05 2006 | 1:26 pm

Ok. I see. Thank you for the clarification and fixing suggestion!

I was just wondering what the heck was wrong as previously working patch suddenly stopped working.

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