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data map; max project.

Aug 16 2010 | 8:42 pm

I’ve started a project using the cosm library the basic idea to make an on going 3D virtual data visualisation of video’s, sound, information, links that are placed in 3D space so you can effectively explore and learn about max in an interactive way thats build in max so you can also steal, tinker and edit it for your own purposes like swapping the video’s for comedy cat video’s if your that way inclined.

Its all in the spirit of helping new comers and creating a cool learning / teaching feedback of creating environments for others and experiencing environments that other people make.

I’m going to be pooling information, video’s.. basically all the content. If any one wants to be involved I would welcome any help with the project.. this is not a university project or anything like that, i’m working on this in my spare time in-between a full time job.

I would like to know what everyone thinks about all this as a concept (which is obviously not fully formed and will no doubt change over time) I’ve got a project page on tumblr and google code to start off with.. there’s something to download on the google code you’ll need the cosm library installed and RTClib as well to begin with i’ve attached at the bottom of this post aswell..

i’m hoping to have data map 0.1 finished very soon… If anyone wants to contribute a little graphical map of what information / video’s .e.t.c. should go where and general sketches of the world please get in contact here or by email.

i’m looking foward to hearing any ideas and thoughts about this idea.

here’s some text from the data map manifesto from the tumblr…..
"""The grand vision of data map is split into 2 parts, the first part is the user experience when
the latest version of data map is downloaded as a standalone executable and run by a
a curious person who soon finds a navigable 3D world to discover filled with well curated
information, interactivity and surprises that leave a lasting and memorable impression.

The second part is behind the curtain whereby the source code and information used in data
map is completely open source and extendable allowing the learning to take place on two
levels… exploring the useful and informative resource to discover more about max and
the seeing behind the scenes, editing, tinkering, maybe even using it as a template to
help others learn about other interesting subjects.

data map; is basically the concept of a 3D wikipedia where knowledge, media, links
are placed in 3D space which is then discovered by the user who interacts with it."""


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