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David Cope Speaking at BArCMuT @ CCRMA on Monday April 5th @ 7pm

Apr 03 2010 | 10:50 pm

Presentation by David Cope
Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group @ CCRMA (Stanford University)
660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA
Monday April 5, 7pm
RSVP here:

David Cope will speak about his work with Emily Howell. Emily Howell
is a computer program created by Cope during the 1990s. Emily consists
of an interactive interface that allows both musical and language
communication. By encouraging and discouraging the program, Cope
attempts to "teach" it to compose music more to his liking. The
program uses only the output of a previous composing program called
Experiments in Musical Intelligence (Emmy) as a source database for
its musical choices. For more information on both Emmy and Emily
Howell see the following books by David Cope: Computers and Musical
Style (1991), Experiments in Musical Intelligence (1996), The
Algorithmic Composer, (2000) all published by A-R Editions in Madison,
Wisconsin, and Virtual Music (2001) and Computer Models of Musical
Creativity (2005) both published by The MIT Press in Cambridge,
Massachusetts. For recordings of Experiments in Musical Intelligence
see the following recordings on Centaur Records: Bach by Design (1993,
CRC 2184), Classical Music Composed by Computer (1997, CRC 2329),
Virtual Mozart (1997, CRC 2452), Virtual Bach (2003, CRC 2619), and
Virtual Rachmaninoff (2008, CRC 2888).

David Cope, born San Francisco, California on May 17, 1941, is
Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of California at Santa
Cruz and Honorary Professor of Computer Science at Xiamen University
(China). He also teaches regularly in the annual Workshop in
Algorithmic Computer Music (WACM) held in June-July at UC Santa Cruz.
Following early study on piano and violoncello, including extensive
performance careers on both instruments, he completed degrees in
composition at Arizona State University and the University of Southern
California studying with George Perle, Halsey Stevens, Ingolf Dahl,
and Grant Fletcher. His over seventy published compositions have
received thousands of performances throughout the United States and
abroad. Many of Cope’s works appear on recordings including Variations
(piano and wind orchestra), Re-Birth (concert band), Concert (piano
and orchestra) and Threshold and Visions (orchestra). Recordings of
his music appear on Centaur, Smithsonian Folkways, Opus One, and
Vienna Modern Masters and include a wide diversity of works, from
large ensembles to soloists with electronic and computer-generated
tape. His non-recorded works include nine symphonies and equal numbers
of string quartets and piano sonatas. Cope’s books on modern music
include New Directions in Music (seventh edition), Techniques of the
Contemporary Composer, and New Music Notation.

Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group

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