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delay in ms,

June 10, 2009 | 12:55 pm

Hello all

I have made a patch which i have cobbled to from the forum, the patch is delaying live video, the problem that i have got is that i need the delay to be in ms not frame, and i need the patch to run at a constant framerate (and not a variable one). this is because the patch with be used with an audio delay patch, and the visual and the audio need to be the same.
any help would be great.


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June 10, 2009 | 7:25 pm

one quick and easy way to get a more constant fps is to use @unique 1 on you qt.grab. as long as you processing can keep up with the framerate coming out of qt.grab, it should stay constant. if it can’t, you can try lowering your fps with the @framerate attribute.

imo whenever you sync audio and video, it’s best to sync the video to the audio. so use the audio signal as the master controller for the video. if you have @unique set on your qt source, and use that to feed your delay, then you should know the exact fps of your delay. then it’s just some simple math to sync the video delay to the audio delay.

this patch shows one way to sync groove~ to not exactly what you are doing, but perhaps will give you ideas.

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