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'Delay' replay of video.

Dec 13 2010 | 5:29 pm


I’m very new here, hello :-)

I am looking to buy the Max/MSP/Jitter bundle this evening but need to confirm a few things first. This would be for rapid prototyping but you never know where it’ll end up, if it works well I’ll just save out an .exe

So, my requirements seem simple but probably aren’t. I have searched and found some stuff. I need to capture video from an HD cam at 24fps (probably a Point Grey Grasshopper) and delay it’s playback onto a 1080p panel for n seconds.

It’s critical that the playback isn’t choppy. It’ll have whatever PC and/or Mac is required. I was looking to code this from the ground up but time is against me (I have about 20 hours to get this prototype working).

Is this a good job to use Max/Jitter for? Can anyone suggest any further reading?

Kind regards, T.

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