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delete of objects creates glitches?

Oct 10 2010 | 10:19 pm

OK, here’s something I’ve always wondered that is now kind of annoying me.
Why is is that when I delete or create a signal-based object, all currently running signal-based operations seem to hiccup?
Right now I have 2 record objects that are set to trigger each other with their sync outs (one records, triggers second one when it finishes, which then retriggers the first one when it finishes etc etc).
Every time I create or delete a signal-based object, both record~ objects start recording from the beginning simultaneously and keep doing so indefinitely.
It’s kind of a pain to have to re-start this record~ trigger process every time I make a change to the patch, especially now while I’m in the development phase.
I’ve always just dealt with it in the past, but now that I’m trying to jump back into Max again, I’d like to know if there’s a way I can avoid this.

Oct 11 2010 | 7:40 am

Same here;
creating any signal object seems to instantaneously ‘re-initialize’ the audio driver and there is a minute dropout, not so much a major issue at the minute as I don’t do much live coding, I’ve just put up with it.
Vista SP1
MOTU 828 mkii USB
Centrino Duo


Oct 11 2010 | 2:20 pm

It’s a fact of life of MSP. When a signal object is added or deleted, the signal chain has been changed and must be reconfigured. You can use the adstatus object to trigger an action each time MSP is turned on or off.

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