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Desperate about DSP-crashes (win 7)

Sep 25 2011 | 4:10 pm

Hey everyone.
I just sent this to the Support email adress of cycling74, but maybe somebody here can also think of something, thanks for any thoughts!
so here’s the email/Problem:

"I am working on quite a big patcher for a couple of years now and i’ve recently been migrating it from a Mac OS 10.6. machine to a windows 7 laptop. (no problems on the Mac)
My problem is that i am encountering crashes after running the patcher for 10 minutes to 2 hours approximately. That means that max is actually running onwards but all dsp objects stop working. Max itself is getting very slow, but it is still working. Restarting max doesn’t help, i have to restart the whole system. All other Audio of the system also stopped working.
The system is a compaq delphi d40 laptop with a MOTU 828 Mk2, running the newest drivers. The system is completely cleaned up, nothing on there but Max MSP.
The patcher is quite big, and uses a lot of abstractions but i can send it to you if needed. It doesn’t use any externals except "textbrick" which is java based i think and also "js.OSC-unroute"(Thanks for those by the way!)
I really have done a couple of days and nights of internet research and didn’t find a thing. Cleaned up the patcher and the system a lot in this time, but nothing helped.
Hope you have some idea about that. btw. is there some kind of crash log or anything alike i could find in windows? Just to find out which service or process crashed?"

(edit: typos in the subject are to avoid i guess)

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