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Destroy an image with sound

Mar 17 2014 | 12:02 pm

Hey guys! I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to destroy a still image (I can also do video if necessary) using sounds that I’m creating with a mic, all in Max/MSP. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks!

Mar 17 2014 | 3:22 pm

Though destroy sounds pretty vague, Andrew’s Jitter Recipes have plenty examples to get you started:

Mar 17 2014 | 3:33 pm

Thanks! I’ve been looking through the Jitter recipes and just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for…only things that are similar that may or may not work. I essentially want to scream into a microphone, and the image is supposed to destroy itself through the soundwaves using the patch that I create. I don’t care how it’s destroyed–pixelated, glitched, distorted, etc.–just as long as it no longer exists (to the audience) in that digital form by the end of the media performance.

Mar 17 2014 | 3:38 pm

specifics will help us help

Mar 17 2014 | 3:46 pm

In terms of how I would like the still image destroyed? Mmm then I would definitely say pixelation, glitching (or something that is similar to that–I know the 4Mixer in the Vizzie patches has something that’s like it if one of the knobs is selected, but I’m not sure if that particular pre-made patch would be applicable here), and then a shattering/splitting effect before it goes to black, and there’s nothing left.

I hope I sufficiently answered your question. Is there anymore information that you need?

Oct 05 2016 | 6:47 am

Hey KSimmons!

Did you ever figure out how to randomly glitch an image with sound input? I’m doing a similar project now and I would love any helpful tips you can offer me!!

Thank you very much!

Oct 05 2016 | 1:45 pm

What about destroying images with sounds, but without Max? A classic one would be to print the image on a wine glass, then to destroy the glass with sound using the glass’s (main) resonant frequency. Another even more simple: print the image on (thin or not-so-thin) paper, fix it in front of your speaker (sub?), and crank the volume up. You might even find ways to use Max: patches to sweep through frequencies, to measure the best/fastest ways to destroy, etc.

Oct 06 2016 | 1:33 pm

1. Pick up portable speaker
2. Throw it as hard as you can at the monitor

As a conceptual project, the above documentation ain’t bad…
Destructionally yours,

Oct 06 2016 | 1:47 pm


Oct 06 2016 | 11:43 pm

jit.repos, or (using its internal sample object) might be good choices – both let you rearrange the pixels in an image in creative ways. The help file on jit.repos will explain it a little. in general might be your best option here, search this forum for example patches – any patch that manipulates a video can manipulate a still image, they are effectively the same thing when loaded into a file – lots of matrixes/ frames being sent through effects and processing.

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