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Dialog box to chose yes or no or something similar?

Dec 02 2009 | 2:05 pm

Is there a way to let a dialogbox pop up were you can choose yes or no or something like ok or cancel?

Dec 02 2009 | 4:45 pm

[dialog] …?


Dec 02 2009 | 7:24 pm

I am aware of dialog wich is nearly what I’m searching for but what I actually would like is [dialog] without the ability to type in text.

Dec 02 2009 | 9:36 pm

How about creating a subpatch with a presentation view containing OK and Cancel buttons, and open it using [pcontrol]? Then have it close itself on selection of either button.

Not aware of any specific object in Max that will do what you want.


Dec 02 2009 | 10:22 pm

Oli Larkin ( used to have a great little object called ol.alert that did what you want and looked like the standard OS alert box, but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not in the Max Object Database, nor on Oli’s site anymore. It seems to have disappeared. You might try contacting him directly and seeing if it is still available somewhere.

Dec 02 2009 | 11:22 pm

If you’re on a Mac you can use applescript and the [shell] external to display OSX-style alerts. Have a look at the example below.


-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Dec 06 2009 | 1:58 am

These patches work for win or mac, and they don’t interrupt midi output (in the way system-called dialogue boxes can)

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Feb 01 2011 | 4:55 pm

This is for Luke Hall.
How can I change the position of the DialogBox?
because I would like to put it in the center of the patch.
thanks for your help.

Erick C

Feb 02 2011 | 1:58 am

Here’s a way of doing it with Java that may be a little more flexible. Source included.

Feb 02 2011 | 5:03 pm

Hi, Peter.
When I try to open MaxDialog.maxhelp, max it quits on me.
I have the power mac G5 and intel.if you can double check this for me I’d really appreciate it.
thanks for your help.

Erick C

Feb 03 2011 | 8:02 am

MaxDialog.maxhelp crashes here too, latest Max under OSX.6.5


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