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Difference between freqshift~ fbinshift~ gizmo~

Mar 25 2012 | 3:27 pm

Hi everyone,

I have a mess in my brains: what is the difference between freqshift~ (time-domain freq shifter) and fbinshift~ (freq domain freq shifter) and gizmo~ (freq domain pitch shifter)? The two first ones seem to have the same output when applied to sound. Also the concept of time-domain frequency shifter versus frequency domain freq shifter. I would appreciate some background theory of what is going on in the signal. Thanks!

Dec 21 2012 | 7:28 pm

Me too, I would like to understand the difference between freqshift~ and fbinshift~…
Nobody ?

Dec 26 2012 | 8:20 am

They should pretty much sound the same, but fbinshift~ works within pfft~ so you might build arround some other thing. For instance you could decide to shift only some bins and not the others.

Edit: yeah sorry I’m only talking about the frequency shifter here… gizmo~ transposes (and keep the same ratios between the partials).

Dec 27 2012 | 12:31 am

From what i know, a frequency shifter works different than a pitch shifter.
A frequency shifter creates sidebands dictated by a ratio in Hz and does not maintain the harmonic relationship of a sound, a Pitch shifter on the other hand, maintains the harmonic relationship of a sound and just shifts the pitch.

I wish i could explain the theory in detail but that’s all I know.

Dec 27 2012 | 7:36 pm

merci emmanuel. that’s clear :-)

@ardodot, yes I know the difference between pitch and frequency shifter. but thx for your answer anyway.
my question was about those three ways to make a frequency shifter, the difference was not clear for me. but yes if you want a swiss knive of shifting gizmo is the tool, if you just want something simple freqshift~ is ok and I suppose less expensive than fft.

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