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difference between xfade, alphablend, jit.op @* …

May 23 2012 | 8:35 pm


I wounder whats the difference between xfade, alphablend, jit.op @*

Illustrated in the patch below. (save and reopen it to get all the loadbangs and loadmess)

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

May 24 2012 | 12:23 am

jit.alphablend is only for ARGB matrices, not vertex data. it blends two ARGB matrices together based on the alpha plane of the first matrix input.

jit.xfade is simply two jit.op @op * and one jit.op @op +

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

May 28 2012 | 4:57 pm


but why does the area move towards upper right when you increase xfade $1?

and how can I keep the area at the same spot if im using the matrixoutput turn off and matrix output turned on. I dont want the noise to move it towards the upper right. I want to keep it centrated

May 29 2012 | 6:02 pm

Because jit.noise outputs normalized values in the range of 0 – 1. In OpenGL, 0. is the center coordinate of the GL world. To center your noise values in GL space, you can remap the output of jit.noise using jit.op or to a range where 0. is the center, for example @map 0 1 -1 1 or jit.op @op – @val 0.5.

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