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disappearing 'options'

Apr 14 2007 | 1:48 am


this is really strange but I keep having the last third of the pull down menu ‘options’ disappear…

I get down to save dialog shows location

then DSP status and that’s it – no file path etc….

I can’t tell you if I’m missing other stuff – this is what I have noticed…

I have re installed max/msp/jitter 3x and deleted my preferences – the com.cycling74.MaxMSP46.plist file

and everything seems fine initially and then in a matter of 5 minutes I loose the option of my options…

what gives?

any suggestions?

thanks Jamie

max/msp 4.6.2 jitter 1.6.2
powerbook 1.67ghz 2 GB RAM
OS 10.4.8 QT 7.1.5

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