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Double write on LCD, what am I missing?

Sep 10 2007 | 12:36 am

The problem is explained in the patch.

Basically I am trying to put some countdown text over a movie, but i am getting a double hit on the text because (i think) i am getting an extra bang when the integer changes.

This is not noticeable early in the countdown but real distracting later on.

For all my mumbling and banging my head on the table I can not figure out how to advance the integer without the extra bang…

Thanks in advance for any help towards solving this.


Sep 10 2007 | 7:52 am

Sep 11 2007 | 1:33 am

Thanks, it worked like a charm.

And I think I have actually figured out why it is working too.
the "set" part changes the info in the text box, but does not send a bang to it.
the prepend puts the integer at the end of it.

much thanks for your help,
and for letting me get to know a new object!

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