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Dragging objects _from_ Max

Jun 22 2011 | 7:45 pm

First of all – hello and finally after many years of contemplating I’m a part of Max. Oh yes, here’s another newbie who are heavily confused but I found Max not so difficult to use. Well, of course I’m only scratching the surface but I’ve successfully created a device for controlling presets to one of my hardware synths.

Anyway – I’m finally starting on a project I though about for many years and during the last days I’ve created an extremely basic fundament by reading and learing from other peoples patchers.

But one thing totally eludes me – is it possible to drag a file (or even files) FROM Max to another application. For example – I record a sample in my Max device, but instead of saving the file I want to drag the audio into my daw.

I assume this is possible – in which direction should I look?


Jun 23 2011 | 7:46 pm

If you record a sample into a file, the file is not inside Max but at a location on your harddrive (that you can appoint). The import into your DAW is certainly possible, but it’s a task for your DAW not for Max.

If your DAW supports rewire (most of them do) you can also play a sample/file/or other audio-signals in Max and route it directly to your DAW by using rewire:

For this choose the rewire audio driver in menu: Options-> DSP Status.
And in your DAW you have to set Max as a rewire client.

Best J.

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