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DV cam crashes Max

May 09 2006 | 2:31 pm

hi list,

I am tryin to grab from a webcam on my mac and though the DV cams i
tried to use
(miniDV Panasonic NV and canon XL1s )work fine with iMovie, they just
crash Max
when I click the open message.
Also, when i chose the "DV Video" entry in the device list, XL1S appears
in the input list which
is the correct nale of the DV cam.
I tried to reboot and clear the PRAM after reading advices in the twiki
No result.
I use max 4.5.7, jitter 1.5.2 and quicktime 7.0.3.
I have already use a Unibrain Fire-I successfully on this machine, but
just can’t find one here in Sofia.
I know that driver question may be a pain to look after and don’t know
if i give enough details, but
if anybody can help… will be much appreciated!

May 09 2006 | 4:03 pm

I’ve had no problems with NTSC or PAL DV cameras and Jitter on my
machine. I assume that you’re using a Mac because you referred to iMovie.

Got a crashlog?


May 09 2006 | 9:06 pm

Hi Vincent,

bad news, it happens to me as well,
the only workaround i found is to connect minidv
thru… fire-i (fire-i is the only camera that works)
I had exactly the same problem with other machine,
but after upgrading fro 3.9 to tiger it disappeared.
unfortunately i`m to lazy to upgrade my main machine

so fire-i is in constant use.

what it says it`s not jitter related problem (it crashes fcp as well)

hope you`ll find solution- if so please let me know,


May 10 2006 | 4:09 pm

Hi Wojciech,

These DVcam (miniDV Panasonic NV and canon XL1s ) were actually
connected with firewire.
System is Tiger 10.4.5
Any idea?

May 11 2006 | 11:35 am

Clean installation – the only one i can think about,


May 11 2006 | 12:03 pm


did you install any additional driver for the webcam?
like those on:

thanks for helping

May 11 2006 | 5:34 pm

thank you!

oh, yes i installed ioxperts unibrain one
after removing everything with iox on the beginning
from ~/Library/Components my machine doesn`t crash

hope this helps,

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