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Edit new object directly in storagewindow

Dec 16 2010 | 8:15 pm


I’m trying to find an issue to my problem, but it looks that there is a bug with the storagewindow of pattrstorage when we add a new object to already stored presets, using autopattr.

I explain with an example :
I stored already some presets using pattrstorage with a lot of sliders and numberboxes inside subpatchers.
I can edit the values of each presets directly with the storagewindow.
Then I change my patch and I add another items (using autopattr to recognize automatically when we give a script name) that I want to use with the presets I already recorded.
But, when I add new values directly in the storagewindow, it doesn’t work.
I have to recall a preset, then record it again and do so for each preset, each time I add a new object.

It’s a little bit boring…

Does anybody knows this problem and knows an easier way to proceed ?


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